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In the current climate in which we find ourselves, international business has become the most relevant economic factor as a result of the phenomenon known as globalisation with specific needs and opportunities which convert production and consumption into a global concept, eliminating borders and geographical limitations. W&M offers itself as a solution to this challenge by acting as a consultancy and an international business agency.

W&M is the dream come true of a professional with ample experience in the export sector in which she has been developing her career for the last 20 years. A dream which has become a reality and a reference worth taking note of on the market providing advice, support and guidance for companies whereby they are offered the world as a possibility with the best conditions with regard to price, service and quality.

Our mission is to act as the intermediary between your company and the main importers from the five continents during the internationalisation process of your business.

Montserrat Alonso Álvarez, Managing Director of W&M

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